Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Osku Palermaa, Finland
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Husqvarna International 2005
Super Series Tour Championship


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Sunday March 27th 2005
The Super Series Tour 2004/2005 are over, but rest assure, we'll be back. More information about tour dates et.c. will be presented shortly. Until then the Super Series crew would like to thank all players, spectators, members of the press and tournament organizers for a truly great season, and we hope you all are with us next season. An extra special thanks to P-A Hörlin and his staff at Bowling Arena in Jönköping for all their hard work and a spectacular Tour Championship. We at the Super Series also congratulates Osku Palermaa to the victory in Jönköping, and also congratulations to Kimmo Lehtonen who has been outstanding on the 2004/2005 Super Series tour. One victory, two 2nd places and number 1 one on this seasons Super Series ranking.

Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland

Osku Palermaa won the final against Kimmo Lehtonen by one point. A final that will be remembered as one of the best and most nerv wrecking battles in the history of Super Series. Lehtonen were in the lead the first couple of frames and shot a double spare while Palermaa shot spare strike. That evened out the score leaving Palermaa 2 pins ahead. From the 5th, and all the way to the 9th frame, both Palermaa and Lehtonen shot strikes. Palermaa the entire time two pins ahead. In the 10th and last frame Lehtonen shot a double and nine, finishing up with 266, forcing Palermaa to double up to have a chance to win. And that he did. With a double and an eight he defeated Lehtonen with just one pin, collecting the first price of 135.000 SEK.

Osku Palermaa won the second semifinal. It was an even tighter game than the first semifinal. After a double, Palerma failed to tripple up. Instead he shot 7 spare in the 8th frame. Olsen then shot a double in the 8th and 9th frame while Palermaa shot a strike in the 9th. Palermaa, who were first player up to play the last frame, shot a tripple that forced Olsen to also tripple in the 10th frame to end in a draw, forcing the game to roll-off. He got the first strike but then shot a 9 spare finishing up with 212 against Palermaa's 223. Stay tuned for the grand final of the 2004/2005 Super Series Tour.

Kimmo Lehtonen won the first semifinal. Lasse Lintilä had a small advantage over Lehtonen when hi in the 9th frame got a split which he completely missed. Lehtonen then shot a 9 spare, followed up with a strike in the 10th frame but didn't double up. That gave Lintilä a chance to win but then he had to double up in the last frame. Lintilä got the first strike but the second shot weren't perfect and left one pin standing, even though it wobbled quite much. The second semifinal between Osku Palermaa and Svein Roger Olsen has just started.

Svein Roger Olsen, Norway, will join the Finns in the semifinal after defeating Robert Spigner 3-2. In the last game of the match, Olsen took the lead after a few frames and then refused to let go. The semifinal will start as soon as Viasat TV-team is set. Before that Bill Hoffman and Mads Sandbækken will compete against eachother in a spare competition. We'll be right back...

Bill Hoffman, USA and Mads Sandbækken, Norway

Osku Palermaa, Finland, are on to the TV-broadcasted semifinal after defeating Swede Peter Ljung with 3-0. He will be joined by fellow country man Lasse Lintilä who won over another Finnish player, Petri Mannonen, with the score 3-1. But there's more. Also Kimmo Lehtonen made it to the semifinal after a 3-1 victory over Swede Erik Andersin. The question now is if USA or Norway will join the Finns. Robert Spigner just levelled out a 1-2 disadvantage after opponent Svein Roger Olsen got a 5-7-10 split in the fifth frame of game four. More to come...

Round 4 are finished. Players, besides Palermaa, Ljung and Lintilä, to make the quarter final are; Petri Mannonen, who after roll-off defeated Tobias Karlsson 3-1. Robert Spigner and Svein Roger Olsen also won their matches 3-1 while Erik Andersin and Kimmo Lehtonen who after five games defeated their opponents 3-2. In the quarter final Lehtonen vs. Andersin, Lintilä vs. Mannonen, Palermaa vs. Ljung and Spigner vs. Olsen.

The first of the winners in round 4 have been crowned. Lasse Lintilä defeated Geir O Pedersen in three straight games and also managed to score a 300 in the second game. That's the tournaments 5th perfect game so far. Peter Ljung also won his match 3-0 when defeating Helén Johnsson and Osku Palermaa managed to go on to the quarterfinal when defeating Jouni Helminen 3-1.

Lasse Lintilä, Finland

Svein Roger Olsen and Peter Ljung where the ones to go on to next round. Both matches were real thrillers and weren't settled until the the last couple of frames. Round 4 starts just in a few minutes. If you want to follow the action live online, surf to the Tour Championship website. Stay with us, we'll be right back!

Osku Palermaa, Robert Spigner and Stuart Williams just got a ticket to round 4 when defeating their opponents 3-1. Spigner defeated Ballmaster Open 1st runner up, Reija Lundén although Lundén played well. The match between Mikael B Andersen and Peter Ljung and the match between Anders Öhman and Svein Roger Olsen will be settled in the fifth and final game.

Helén "Manhunter" Johnsson, as yours truely likes to call her, are at it again. In the second squad of round 3, Helén bought Martin Larsen a ticket to the grandstand when winning in three straight games. Also Jouni Helminen, who battled Tomas Leandersson, and Bill Hoffman are on to round 4. In the other matches in this squad it's still "game on".

The final is closing in and the 1st squad of round 3 finished just a while ago. In that squad the following players got a ticket to round 4; Or Aviram, Erik Andersin, Geir O Pedersen and Tobias Karlsson who won their matches easily with 3-0. Kimmo Lehtonen, ranked number 1 on this seasons Super Series ranking defeated fellow country man Kai Virtanen 3-1. With the same score Mathias Lundin defeated Paul Moor while Lasse Lintilä and Petri Mannonen battled their opponents for five games before winning 3-2. In the second squad of round 3 the remaining players has entered. This means that round 4 only consists of winners from round 3. Scores will be updated continuously.

Round 2 are complete after two squads and 16 matches. Players from squad 2 on to round 3 are; Peter Ljung, Reija Lundén, Bill Hoffman, Björn Wedin who all won their matches 3-0. Sean Rash, Helén Johnsson and Svein Roger Olsen defeated their opponents 3-1 while Pasi Uotila and Patrick Backe battled it out in five games before Backe finally won 3-2. The 5th game were discontinued in the 7th frame when Uotila had no chance of catching up. Round 3 squad 1 will start directly after lane maintenance.

Squad 1 of round 2 has been settled. The following players are on to round 3; Paul Moor, Tobias Karlsson and Petteri Salonen defeated their opponents 3-0 after brilliant scores. Moor scored 298 in the first game against Tony Fransson and Tobias Karlsson shot 290 in his second game against Jerker Fahlström. Kai Virtanen, Or Aviram and Erik Andersin got a ticket to the next round by winning 3-1 and Geir O Pedersen and Mikael Kanold battled their opponents for five games before winning 3-2. The second squad of round 2 just started. More to come...

Paul Moor, England

Saturday March 26th 2005
Round 1 has now been completed. Players from squad 2 on to round 2 are as follows; Jouni Helminen, Mads Sandbækken, Ari Halme, Toni Laine and Jesper Agerbo who all defeated their opponents 3-0 and Patrick Backe, Peter Ljung and Patrik Nilsson who after five games managed to win 3-2. Patrik Nilsson also scored a 300, the tournaments 4th, in the second game in his match against Thomas Nilsson. Tomorrow at 08:00 we'll be back with round 2 squad 1. Check back then and don't forget to adjust your clocks tonight. At 02:00 summertime starts and your clock should be adjusted to 03:00. Over and out!

Patrik Nilsson, Sweden

The first squad of round 1 has finished. Players on to the next round are; Tony Fransson and Geir O Pedersen who both won 3-0, Britt Brøndstedt and Michael Ahlqvist who defeated their opponents 3-1 and John Gustavsson, Jerker Fahlström and Petteri Salonen who all played all five games and won 3-2. Kai Virtanen won on walk over since Pontus Svensson failed to turn up. The second squad of round 1 has just started. Results will be updated continuously.

After ten qualification rounds the finalists has been defined. The last player to qualify were Pontus Svensson, Sweden with a total pinfall of 1345. In the last squad a total of seven players assured a place in the finals; Helén Johnsson Sweden (1394), Jouni Kemppainen Sweden (1393), Björn Wedin Sweden (1391), Tony Fransson Sweden (1378), Toni Laine Finland (1357), Ari Halme Finland (1353) and Jesper Agerbo Denmark (1346). The first squad of round 1 starts at 18:30 CET and the second squad of round 1 follows directly after squad 1 has been settled. Follow the battles online on the Super Series Tour Championship website, see link above. The full score board and details can be found here on the official Super Series website. More to come...

Bo Winther Pedersen, Denmark, are the new leader in the qualification after scoring a total pinfall of 1502. Pedersen were closest trailed by fellow country man Mikael B Andersen (1436), Norwegian Lasse Ingebritsen (1408) and Swedes Erik Andersin (1405) and Magnus Andersson (1393). The final qualification squad starts 1 pm CET. Last qualifying result after nine squads are 1330. Check back for more updates...

Mikael B Andersen and Bo Winther Pedersen

1. Bo Winther Pedersen Denmark 1502
2. Martin Larsen Sweden 1499
3. Christer Danielsson Sweden 1464
4. Oskar Broström Sweden 1450
5. Mattias Lundin Sweden 1447
6. Robby Spigner USA 1440
7. Mikael B Andersen Denmark 1436
8. Lasse Lintilä Finland 1423
9. Robert Andersson Sweden 1412
10. Osku Palermaa Finland 1410

In the 9th squad Danish players Bo Winther Pedersen and Mikael B Andersen are at the top of the squad. Pedersen started of with 278 in the first game, followed up with 289 and scored 268 in the fourth game giving him a total pinfall of 1036 after four games. Andersen had 194 in the first game and followed up with 269, 300 and 245 giving him a total pinfall of 1008 with two games left. Andersen's 300 is the tournaments third so far. But not only did Andersen score a perfect game, he also finished the second game with nine in a row and begun game four with a double. That's a total of 23 strikes in a row. More to come...

Yesterday evening Swede Oskar Broström and Osku Palermaa, Finland, joined the select group of players with a pinfall over 1400. Broström's 1450 earned him the third position in the qualification, and Osku made top 10 with a total pinfall of 1410. Yet another Palermaa, little brother Toni, made sure to make the cut. Toni managed to score 1374 with a 300 in the 5th game, the second perfect game so far in this years tour championships.

Toni Palermaa, Finland

Top 10 after eight squads
1. Martin Larsen Sweden 1499
2. Christer Danielsson Sweden 1464
3. Oskar Broström Sweden 1450
4. Mattias Lundin Sweden 1447
5. Robby Spigner USA 1440
6. Lasse Lintilä Finland 1423
7. Robert Andersson Sweden 1412
8. Osku Palermaa Finland 1410
9. Anders Öhman Sweden 1409
10. Bill Hoffman USA 1397

Friday March 25th 2005
After seven squads there are still only a handfull players that has scored over 1400. The 7th squad featured no additions to the current top 10 but a few players with more than 150 over par. The squad was won by Mathias Ärup, Sweden, who scored 1384 in his second re-entry. Ärup were trailed by Norwegian player Glenn Morten Pedersen who improved his score from the 6th squad , finishing with a total pinfall of 1383. Also Joakim Biehl (Sweden), Ari Halme (Finland), Mads Sandbækken (Norway) and Lasse Lintilä (Finland) more than scored 150 over. Last qualifying result after seven squads are 1316. More to come after the 8th squad...

Top 10 after seven squads
1. Martin Larsen Sweden 1499
2. Christer Danielsson Sweden 1464
3. Mathias Lundin Sweden 1447
4. Robby Spigner USA 1440
5. Lasse Lintilä Finland 1423
6. Robert Andersson Sweden 1412
7. Anders Öhman Sweden 1409
8. Bill Hoffman USA 1397
9. Sean Rash USA 1393
10. Oskari Lehtonen Finland 1390

The 6th squad featured Swede Christer Danielsson who in his 3rd re-entry managed to score enough to make it to the finals. With a total pinfall of 1464, earning him a second position in the qualifications this far. Danielsson were closes trailed by Bill Hoffman USA (1397) and Oskari Lehtonen Finland (1390). Norwegian player Glenn Morten Pedersen played well the first four games, but after a 150 in the 5th game he put himself in a difficult situation. Despite that Pedersen managed to score a perfect game in the 6th and final game, finishing with a total of 1355. Pedersens 300 game were the tournaments first. The 7th qualifying squad has just started. More news will follow soon.

Glenn Morten Pedersen, Norway

After a good Super Series season it's time to wrap things up with this years edition of Husqvarna International Tournament. The Supers Series Tour Championships 2005. Last year Martin Wozny from Denmark ended up winning the title after a nerv wrecking final agains Swedish national team players Martin Larsen. Who will win this year? So far this has happend; Last years finalist Martin Larsen i sin the lead with a total pinfall of 1499. Other players with a score over 1400 are Mathias Lundin (Sweden), Robert Spigner (USA), Lasse Lintilä (Finland), Robert Andersson (Sweden) and Anders Öhman (Sweden). Worth mentioning is also that Mathias Ärup, Sweden, spared a 7-10 split in the 1 pm squad on Thursday. Right now the 6th squad is in motion and you can follow the squads live. A link to the online scoring can be found on the official Tour Championship website. After five squads a score of 1272 pins are needed to make the finals where a total of 64 players will battle for the tour championship title. Check back fore more updates...

Top 10 after five squads
1. Martin Larsen Sweden 1499*
2. Mathias Lundin Sweden 1447
3. Robby Spigner USA 1440
4. Lasse Lintilä Finland 1423
5. Robert Andersson Sweden 1412
6. Anders Öhman Sweden 1409*
7. Sean Rash USA 1393
8. Kent Johansson Sweden 1390
9. Petteri Salonen Finland 1387
10. Pär Svensson Sweden 1385

(* Already qualified for the finals through ranking points)

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