Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Mika Lahti, Finland
Winner of Ballmaster Open 2005


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Sunday January 9th 2005
Mika Lahti became the 35th winner of Ballmaster Open by defeating Reija Lundén 237-229. Lahti, who qualified as 33rd player, has been bowling since 8 am this morning. On his way to victory he defeated Tero Nordblom (FIN), Anders Öhman (SWE), Martin Larsen (SWE), Tobias Karlsson (SWE), Kai Virtanen (FIN), Teemu Raatikainen (FIN), Piritta Kantola (FIN) and just now Reija Lundén (FIN). With an average of 237,3 over 26 games the champion of 2005 years edition of Ballmaster Open were exhausted and tired but very happy. The Super Series congratulates Mika Lahti to the victory and a send a special thanks to Talin Keilahalli, Seija Lankinen, Pekka Korpi and all other staff for a great tournament. And to all players and spectators; Welcome back in March for the Tour Campionships in Jönköping, Sweden!

It took another lady to stop 19 year old Nina Flack from Sweden. In the semi final, which was broadcasted by Finnish television, Reija Lundén put a stop to Flacks new habit of defeating Finnish bowlers. With the scores 256 against 211, Lundén is through to the final. The player to join Lundén were Mika Lahti who finished just three pins ahead of Piritta Kantola. With the scores 226-223 Lahti will battle against Lundén for the trophy.

In the quarter final three out of eight players were ladies. All three ladies also managed to win their matches and move on to the semi final. First up were Nina Flack who gave Kari Hurri the boot by winning 3-0. Piritta Kantola also won 3-0 against her opponent, Jussi Lindgren, and Reija Lundén sent Paul Moor to the grandstand after a 3-1 victory. The only male bowler to accompany the ladies to the TV broadcasted semi final were Mika Lahti, ranked 33rd in the qualifications, who defeated fellow country man Teemu Raatikainen 3-1.

Young Swede Nina Flack seems to be on a mission. After defeating Jouni Helminen she gave Petteri Salonen a ticket out of the finals when she won 3-1 with a brilliant 290 score (hcp. excluded) in the 4th game. Next in line to play Flack will be Kari Hurri who defeated Or Aviram from Israel 3-2. Also Mika Lahti, ranked 33rd in the qualification, Teemu Raatikainen and Piritta Kantola won 3-2 over their opponents.

In round 5 three matches has already been settled. In the battle between Paul Moor and Oskari Lehtonen, Moor easily won 3-0, as did Jussi Lindgren over Antti-Pekka Lax and Reija Lundén over Kai Poikonen.

Since Helén Johnsson was knocked out in this round the only Swedes left in the tournament were Tobias Karlsson and Nina Flack. Both players had to fight for their existance for five games and Nina were the one to make it through while Karlsson lost 3-2 against Mika Lahti. In the match between her and Finnish player Jouni Helminen, Nina won 3-2 scoring a total pinfall of 1296 with a 40 points handicap. A great achievement by the 19 year old Flack.

Nina Flack and Jouni Helminen

In the 4th round of the finals Helén Johnsson had to give up in favour of Kari Nieminen. while Nieminen managed to score over par, Johnsson couldn't find her superb game from the last round. Nieminen won 3-0. Just as Nieminen, Or Aviram defeated his opponent Timo Mäkelä 3-0, while Jussi Lindgren, Pasi Uotila, Kari Poikanen and Paul Moor all won 3-1.

Sami Heinilä was the first to make it to the 4th round by defeating Mari Santonen. Of the seven women who made the finals, only four remain. One of them is Helén Johnsson who won the match against Tomas Leandersson 3-1. Also Jouni Helminen made it through to round 4 when he after a 300 in the 4th game won 3-1 over Petri Mannonen. Mika Lahti defeated Martin Larsen 3-1 and Pasi Uotila, Robert Spigner, Toni Palermaa and Timo Mäkelä won their matches 3-2. Round 4 starts after the lane maintenance.

Sami Konsteri, Tomas Leandersson, Sami Heinilä and Mika Lahti easily made it throug to the 3rd round. All four players defeated their opponents 3-0. Jouni Helminen lost the first game against Niklas Linderholm but came back and won three straigt games in a row. Three of the matches went all the way to five games. In those battles Mikael Kanold won over Osku Palermaa, Robert Spigner defeated Claes Gauffin and Juusu Kallio won over Jaana Strömberg. Next round has started so check back for updates.

The first round of the match play has just finished. Five out of eight matches were settled after just three games. Kimmo Lehtonen defeated Robert Andersson 3-0, as did Tomas Leandersson his opponent Erik Andersin. Also Mika Lahti, Juuso Kallio and Marco Boccato won 3-0. Players to win 3-1 were Niklas Linderholm, who defeated Kamilla Kjeldsen, Mikael Kanold and Robert Spigner. Next round starts shortly. More to come...

Saturday January 8th 2005
Tero Nordblom won the desperado roll-off 49-39 and makes it through to the finals. The match play starts tomorrow at 8 am.

Erik Andersin 280, Robert Andersson 277, Robert Spigner 266, Mikael Kanold 259, Kamilla Kjeldsen 249 are through from the Desperado squad. The 6th and final desperado will be settled in a roll-of between Tero Nordblom and Jukka Pesonen, both from Finland.

Petteri Salonen, Finland, managed to win the last qualification round. With a total pinfall of 1474 he managed to make top 8 by a few pins. Or Aviram (ISR), Claes Gauffin (SWE), Jaana Strömberg (FIN), Sami Konsteri (FIN) and Mika Lahti (FIN) also made the cut and get to play in the finals. Winner of the qualification, Kai Virtanen from Finland, also played the last squad and finished with a total pinfall of 1421. Yet another good 6 games by the resent World Cup champion. Last player to qualify; Juuso Kallio (FIN) 1397.

Top 8 after the last squad
1. Kai Virtanen FIN 1563
2. Teemu Raatikainen FIN 1555
3. Antti-Pekka Lax FIN 1518
4. Piritta Kantola FIN 1505
5. Kari Hurri FIN 1490
6. Reija Lundén FIN 1480
7. Petteri Salonen FIN 1474
8. Oskari Lehtonen FIN 1471

The 9th squad was won by Antti-Pekka Lax from Finland with a total pinfall of 1518. Lax were closest trailed by Kari Hurri (FIN) who totaled 1490. Also Mari Santonen (FIN), Osku Palermaa (FIN), Ville Holmström (FIN) and Marco Boccato (ITA) scored a total pinfall higher than 1400. The 10th and final qualification squad will start at 6 pm. More to come...

Top 15 after 9 squads
1. Kai Virtanen FIN 1563
2. Teemu Raatikainen FIN 1555
3. Antti-Pekka Lax FIN 1518
4. Piritta Kantola FIN 1505
5. Kari Hurri FIN 1490
6. Reija Lundén FIN 1480
7. Oskari Lehtonen FIN 1471
8. Paul Moor ENG 1471
9. Tobias Karlsson SWE 1469
10. Nina Flack SWE 1467
11. Kai Poikonen FIN 1466
12. Or Aviram ISR 1465
13. Kari Nieminen FIN 1465
14. Leonidas Maragos GRE 1463
15. Jussi Lindgren FIN 1459

Yet another couple of players has managed to score 300 games. In the 9th squad Jarno Blomberg, Finland, scored 300 in the 1st game and Harri Järvinen, also from Finland, in the 3rd game. That makes a total of 9 perfect games in this years edition of Ballmaster Open. More to come soon...

Saturday morning at 10 am 72 players made their best effort to make the cut. 12 of them are sure to make do just so after scoring a total pinfall higher than 1400. Paul Moor from England managed to win the squad by scoring a total of 1471, just a few pins ahead of Swedes Tobias Karlsson (1469) and Nina Flack (1467). The other players with scores over 1400 were Leonidas Maragos (GRE), Jussi Lindgren (FIN), Toni Palermaa (FIN), Jari Ratia (FIN), Pasi Uotila (FIN), Sami Heinilä (FIN), Niklas Linderholm (SWE), Mathias Lundin (SWE) and Mathias Årup (SWE). Other than a lot of high scores, Alexander Medveditskov from Russia and Robert Spinger from USA managed to score a 300 game each in the 5th game. Medveditskov also spared a 7-10 split earlier in the squad.

Top 15 after 8 squads
1. Kai Virtanen FIN 1563
2. Teemu Raatikainen FIN 1555
3. Piritta Kantola FIN 1505
4. Reija Lundén FIN 1480
5. Oskari Lehtonen FIN 1471
6. Paul Moor ENG 1471
7. Tobias Karlsson SWE 1469
8. Nina Flack SWE 1467
9. Kai Poikonen FIN 1466
10. Or Aviram ISR 1465
11. Kari Nieminen FIN 1465
12. Leonidas Maragos GRE 1463
13. Jussi Lindgren FIN 1459
14. Toni Palermaa FIN 1457
15. Jari Ratia FIN 1456

Friday January 7th 2005
The 7th squad featured no players with scores high enough to make the cut. Ari Jehkinen, Finland, finished 1st in the squad with 1356. Next squad starts tomorrow at 10 am.

The guys worst nightmare on the lanes, is back. Swedish player Helén Johnsson, who in the end of 2004 were appointed Bowler of the Year in Sweden, has many times before she gives the men a fight for the trophy. This time around aswell. Johnsson entered the tournament Friday at 3 pm squad. A 279 in the 4th game and a total pinfall of 1452 gave her the 9th place so far in the qualification. 2nd best in the squad were Anders Öhman who scored a total pinfall of 1424. Next squad starts 7 pm. Check back for more details...

Helén Johnsson

Top 15 after 6 squads
1. Kai Virtanen FIN 1563
2. Teemu Raatikainen FIN 1555
3. Piritta Kantola FIN 1505
4. Reija Lundén FIN 1480
5. Oskari Lehtonen FIN 1471
6. Kai Poikonen FIN 1466
7. Kari Nieminen FIN 1465
8. Or Aviram ISR 1462
9. Helen Johnsson SWE 1452
10. Martin Larsen SWE 1441
11. Petri Mannonen FIN 1437
12. Timo Mäkelä FIN 1436
13. Ari Halme FIN 1426
14. Jouni Helminen FIN 1425
15. Anders Öhman SWE 1424

Finnish player Teemu Raatikainen seemed to have a good day on the lanes this morning. In the 5th squad of Ballmaster Open 2005 he scored two perfect games. The first one in the 3rd game and the second in the 5th game. Inbetween the two 300 games he scored a "mediocre" 258 game giving him a total pinfall of 1555 and a 2nd place in the qualifications. Or Aviram, Israel, finished 2nd in the 6th squad with a total of 1462. Aviram was trailed by Swedish players Martin Larsen (1441) and Tomas Leandersson (1408). Next squad starts at 3.00 pm.

Teemu Raatikainen

Thursday January 6th 2005
Welcome to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, for the 2005 years edition of Ballmaster Open. This far in the tournament four squads has been played and a total of 162 players has already made an entry. In the lead is Kai Virtanen who made the quarter final in Kungsbacka in December. With a total pinfall of 1563 he is 58 pins ahead of female player Piritta Kantola, Finland (1505). A total of 15 players have scores over 1400 and at this point last qualifying result is 1330. Check back tomorrow for more updates...

Kai Virtanen

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