Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Kungsbacka International 2004

Oskar Broström, Sweden
Winner of Kungsbacka International 2004


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Sunday December 19th 2004
Oskar Broström from Sweden defeated Mathias Olsson in the final of this years Kungsbacka International. With the score 207-184, Broström put an end to young Olssons rampage. The Super Series congratulates Broström and welcomes you all back next year for 5th stop on the tour, the Ballmaster Open in Helsinki, Finland.

Or Aviram who have been playing every round since 9.00 am this morning had to give in to Oskar Broström. Both played really well but Broström was the stronger player this time and won 255-235. Up next is the final between Oskar Broström and Mathias Olsson. Stay tuned!

Mathias Olsson only 21-years old, came from nowhere, qualified at 10th position, knocked out Thomas Larsen, Kai Virtanen and in the semi final he knocked out Petri Mannonen 204-200, last years winner of the Kungsbacka International. Next up is the battle between Oskar Broström and Or Aviram. Who will be the next player to face Olsson?

Only one week ago Kai Virtanen from Finland won the World Cup in Singapore when his opponent Petter Hansen left a 2-8-10 split. Today Virtanen lost when he himself left the same pins in the last frame of the 4th game against Mathias Olsson. Olsson won 3-1. Also Oskar Broström made it on to the semi final when he after five games managed to defeat Christer Pettersson 3-2. Petri Mannonen came from 2-0 behind to win the match against Christer Pettersson. In the semi final Oskar Broström vs. Or Aviram and Mathias Olsson vs. Petri Mannonen. Check back later for more information...

Or Aviram was the first player to make it to the semi final. In the match against Paul Moor, Aviram easily won 3-0 after scoring 246, 268 and 265.

In the battle between two youngsters, 16 year old Thomas Larsen from Denmark and 21 year old Mathias Olsson from Sweden, Olsson won 3-1. Petri Mannonen, Kai Virtanen, Or Aviram and Oskar Broström also defeated their opponents 3-1. The battle between Christer Danielsson and Sverre Lund went on to a full five gamer which Danielsson won 3-2.

Paul Moor was the first one to make it to the quarter finals. In three straight games he defeated young Swedish player Pontus Halvarsson who in the last round won over Finnish national team player Pasi Uotila. Next to make the quarter final were Christer Pettersson who won 3-0 over Niklas Linderholm.

Round 4 featured a 21 year old Swede from Gothenburg, Mathias Olsson, who defeated desperado finalist Martin Bøgehave 3-0. The other desperado, Robert Spigner, also lost. In the match between Spigner and Oskar Broström, Broström won 3-1. The 4th round also featured six Finnish players. Two of them got a ticket to the next round, Petri Mannonen who defeated Sami Konsteri and Kai Virtanen who won over Kimmo Lehtonen. Other players who made it to round 5 were Or Aviram, Sverre Lund, Pontus Halvarsson and Christer Pettersson.

There are still a couple of desperados left in the tournament. Other than Spigner also Martin Bøgehave is on to the next round by defeating Pär Svensson, Sweden. Mikko Ylitalo who earlier today defeated Lasse Lintilä had to give in to Christer Petterson from Sweden. Pettersson won 3-1. Other players on to the next round are Or Aviram and Bill Hoffman.

Half of the matches in round 3 are already settled. Robert Spigner, Pontus Halvarsson, Kimmo Lehtonen and Petri Mannonen all won by 3-0. Or Aviram, who's playing against Anders Öhman, scored 299 in the second game after leaving the 8 pin in the last shot.

Or Aviram, Israel

There were no 3-0 wins in the 2nd round of the final. The first players to make it to round 3 were Patrik Backe, Bill Hoffman, Martin Bøgehave and Mikko Ylitalo who all defeated their opponents 3-1. The other four matches were settled after five games. Last player to make the finals, Robert Spigner USA, battled Swede Magnus Zachrisson and won 3-2, as did Or Aviram, Tommy Bunæs and Niels Jakob Bak. In round 3 Spigner will play against the only woman still in the the tournaments, Kamilla Kjeldsen from Denmark. Check back for more updates...

Matti Virta from Finland had a total of 992 after the first four games in the match against Robby Spigner, USA. But some how Spigner managed to defeat Virta 3-2. Also Martin Bøgehave, Mikael Kanold, Tony Fransson and Michael Ahlqvist are on to the next round after defeating their opponents. In the match between Finnish players Lasse Lintilä and Mikko Ylitalo, Ylitalo got the ticket to the next round after a roll-off in game four.

The first round in the finals has started and first to make it to next round were Jouni Helminen, Finland, who defeated English player Zara Glover 3-0. Also Or Aviram from Israel got a ticket to the next round when he defeated Sweden's Mathias Årup 3-0. More to come...

Saturday December 18th 2004
Reija Lundén, Finland, seemed to be determind to make it in the desperado. She started off with a turkey and finished off with strikes and a couple of spares, ending up with a total pinfall of 275. But even better, by qualifying for the finals here in Kungsbacka she also made the World Ranking Masters. Mikko Ylitalo, Finland, finished just a few points ahead of Lundén and will battle Lasse Lintilä tomorrow morning. Check back tomorrow for more updates and don't forget that you can follow the players live online at

Reija Lundén, Finland

Top 4 desperado on to the finals
1. Mikko Ylitalo Finland 278
2. Reija Lundén Finland 275
3. Martin Bøgehave Denmark 254
4. Robert Spigner USA 247

Oskar Broström, Sweden, and Sami Konsteri, Finland bowled well and nearly made top 8. Broström scored 1441 missing the top 8 by 1 point and Konsteri ended up with a total of 1420. Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland (1390) and Tommy Buanes, Norway, also made the cut and will play in tomorrows finals. Last player to qualify was Finnish player Jouni Helminen, 1365. The desperado is about to start and the top 4 after 1 game will make it to the finals.

Top 8 after the last qualification squad
1. Erik Andersin Amiki SE 1543
2. Tomas Leandersson SWE 1535
3. Paul Moor ENG 1454
4. Niklas Linderholm SWE 1452
5. Ulf Bolleby SWE 1450
6. Christer Danielsson SWE 1449
7. Thomas Larsen DEN 1449
8. Stuart Williams ENG 1442

In the second last squad Swedish player Mathias Årup was the 5th player to score a perfect game in this years tournament. But despite a 300 Årup's total pinfall didn't exceed his last try. The squad was won by Kamilla Kjeldsen from Denmark who scored a total of 1404, placing her in 15th place and first among the ladies. Kjeldsen was trailed by Petri Mannonen, Finland (1389) and Mats Olsson, Sweden (1386). Last qualifying result after 12 squads is 1363.

Mathias Årup, Sweden

Top 15 after 12 squads
1. Erik Andersin SWE 1543
2. Tomas Leandersson SWE 1535
3. Paul Moor ENG 1454
4. Niklas Linderholm SWE 1452
5. Ulf Bolleby SWE 1450
6. Christer Danielsson SWE 1449
7. Thomas Larsen DEN 1449
8. Stuart Williams ENG 1442
9. Mathias Olsson SWE 1440
10. Osku Palermaa FIN 1438
11. Sverre Lund NOR 1423
12. Kai Virtanen FIN 1415
13. Pasi Uotila FIN 1413
14. Mike Quarry ENG 1404
15. Kamilla Kjeldsen DEN 1404

Saturday morning Norwegian player Sverre Lund made sure to make the finals. With a total pinfall of 1423 he made 11th place. Fellow country man Svein-Roger Olsen came in second in the squad with a total of 1382 just ahead of Matti Virta from Finland (1376). With two qualifying squads left it's obvious that it will take closer to 1400 to make the cut.

Friday December 17th 2004
In the last squad of the day Tomas Leandersson finished 1st. With a total pinfall of 1535 Leandersson passed all players except fellow country man Erik Andersin. Ulf Bolleby, Sweden, finished 2nd with 1450 and Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 3rd with 1449. Next squad will start tomorrow at 8.00 am. Check back for more updates.

The 9th squad was Paul Moor's. With an avarage of little over 242 he totalled 1454 earning him a 2nd place so far. Moore was closes trailed by the two Finnish players Osku Palermaa (1438) and Kai Virtanen (1415) who also scored a 300 in the 6th and final game of this squad. But Virtanen wasn't the first. Petter Hansen from Norway scored a 300 already in the 2nd game. That makes a total of 4 perfect games so far in this years edition of Kungsbacka International. The best female player in this squad was Zara Glover from England who scored a total of 1372.

Kai Virtanen, Finland and Petter Hansen, Norway

Early friday morning 30 players entered the lanes to battle for a spot in the finals. Mike Quarry from England did well and scored a total pinfall of 1404. He was next followed by two Swedes, Mattias Årup (1370) and Anna Mattson-Baard (1336). So far Anna is the 2nd woman among the top 44 players.

Thursday December 16th 2004
In the 7th squad Finlands Pasi Uotila got of to a good start and finished with a total pinfall of 1413. A score that would have been a bit higher if it hadn't been for that unfortunate 7-10 split in the 10th frame in the 6th game. Mike Dahl from Sweden finished second in the squad scoring 1344 and third were Mikael Kanold, also from Sweden, 1337. Next squad starts tomorrow at 9 am and if you want to follow the players scores live we recommend the online scoring provided by Kungsbacka Bowling Center. For more information about the online scoring and results from the qualification visit

The 2004 edition of Kungsbacka International has started. Early in the tournament, already in the 1st squad, the young Swedish player Erik Andersin set the tone for the rest of the players when he scored a total pinfall of 1543, a new personal best. With a 300 in the 4th game Andersin avaraged 257,17. Yet another Swede has managed to score a perfect game. In the 2nd squad, tuesday afternoon, Christer Danielsson scored 300 in the 4th game, giving him a total pinfall of 1449. After 6 squads about halv of the registred players ha entered the tournament, and at this point it takes 1289 to make the cut. But rest assure, to make the cut it will take more than that.

Erik Andersin, Sweden

Top 10 after 6 squads
1. Erik Andersin SWE 1543
2. Niklas Linderholm SWE 1452
3. Christer Danielsson SWE 1449
4. Stuart Williams ENG 1442
5. Mathias Olsson SWE 1440
6. Tomas Leandersson SWE 1407
7. Pär Svensson SWE 1402
8. Christer Pettersson SWE 1401
9. Anders Öhman SWE 1399
10. Pontus Halvarsson SWE 1393

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