Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Norwegian Open 2004

Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland
Winner of Norwegian Open 2004


Results - Match play/Semifinal/Final
Results - Top 48 finalists
Results - Qualification and Desperado

Sunday October 3rd 2004
Kimmo Lehtonen, last years winner of Norwegian Open, did it again. He defended his title from last year by defeating Anders Öhman 208-227 in the final. Öhman started with a 6-bagger and had the advantage, but a total of three splits, one in the 10th frame, gave Lehtonen a chance to catch up, which he did. The Super Series congratulates Kimmo Lehtonen and welcome you all to Sweden and Kungsbacka in mid December for the Kungsbacka International 2004.

The final in the Norwegian Open 2004 is gonna be a scandinavian battle between Kimmo Lehtonen and Anders Öhman. In the semi final Lehtonen defeated Tim Mack 216-203 and Öhman defeated Svein Roger Olsen 232-224.

Svein Roger Olsen managed to defeat Mikael Kanold with one pin, 179-178, after a really exciting last game. In the semi final Olsen vs. Anders Öhman and Kimmo Lehtonen vs. Tim Mack.

Kimmo Lehtonen and Tim Mack are through to the semi final. Both players defeated their opponents 3-0. Anders Öhman is also throug to the semi final after defeating Glenn Morten Pedersen with 3-1. Swede Mikael Kanold were in trouble after two games but found his way back and are now playing the 5th and last game against Svein Roger Olsen.

The last round before the quarter final featured a few surprises. First Pasi Uotila scored a perfect game in the match between him and Anders Öhman. This was the tournaments first 300 game but despite that Öhman won 3-1. In the match between Petri Mannonen from Finland and Norwegian Svein Roger Olsen, Olsen managed to defeat Mannonen 3-1. Two other Norwegian players made the quarter final; Glenn Morten Pedersen and Petter Hansen both won 3-1, as did Kimmo Lehtonen and Jesper Agerbo. Mikael Kanold defeated Ulf Bolleby 3-0 and Martin Larsen had to give in to Tim Mack who won 3-2. In the quarter final Lehtonen vs. Hansen, Öhman vs. G.M. Pedersen, Agerbo vs. Mack and Olsen vs. Kanold. Check back for more updates...

In the 4th round Finnish player Pasi Uotila easily won 3-0 against Toby Vandoren from Belgium as did Petri Mannonen who played against Amadeo Spada. Ulf Bolleby from Sweden defeated Jouni Helminen 3-1 while Tony Fransson, Tim Mack Stuart Williams, Glenn Morten Pedersen and Petter Hansen all fought till the end before defeating their opponents 3-2.

At 9.00 CET the 3rd round of the finals started. Mario Quintero was the first to go on to round 4 by defeating Peter Åhlén 3-0. Next up were Tony Fransson, Jouni Helminen and Peter Ljung who all won 3-1 while Petter Hansen, Lasse Lintilä Toby Vandoren and Amadeo Spada had to battle it out for five games before winning their matches 3-2.

Saturday October 2nd 2004
The second round featured 3-0 victorys for Robert Andersson, Martin Bøgehave and Magnus Zachrisson. Also Tony Fransson is on to the 3rd round after defeating Karsten Rothberg 3-1, the same score with whom Peter Åhlén defeated Oskar Broström. Jouni Helminen and Tobias Karlsson defeated their opponents with 3-2. This is it for tonight. Check back tomorrow for more action from the Norwegian Open.

In the 1st round of matchplay Martin Bøgehave, Jouni Helminen and Peter Åhlén all won 3-0, Bill Hoffman defeated Peder Jacobsson 3-1 as did Claes Gauffin, while Magnus Zachrisson, Tore Torgersen and Tony Fransson battlede it out to a full five games before they won 3-2. The 2nd round has just started. More to come...

69 players played the desperado squad, 4 made it to the finals; Mattias Lundin SWE (262), Magnus Zachrisson SWE (256), Martin Bøgehave DEN (246) and Claes Gauffin SWE 239. Check back for more updates as the 1st and 2nd round of the matchplay will be settled tonight.

When no one believed it would happen it did. Finnish player Kimmo Lehtonen was the first and only player to score more than 200 over in this years edition of Norwegian Open. After an unsuccessful attempt yesterday he tried again today and managed to score a total pinfall of 1433 (223, 236, 245, 217, 257, 255) and won the qualification 56 pins ahead of Osku Palermaa. Yet another lefty did well in the last squad. Swede Peter Ljung scored 1313 followed by Lasse Lintilä 1312. Both Ljung and Lintilä made top 24 and doesn't have to enter the matchplay until tomorrow.

The early morning start at 08.00 CET featured great play by Osku Palermaa, Finland. He avaraged around 230 and took over as leader with a total pinfall of 1377. Swedish national team player Tobias Karlsson also bettered his score this morning. With 105 over he is now in 25th place. The third player to make the cut this morning was Danish player Karsten Rothberg who scored a total of 1298. Right this moment the players are batteling it out in the 16th and last qualifying squad. Last to qualifying score after 15 squads are 1276. More to come...

Top 15 after 15 squads
1. Osku Palermaa FIN 1377
2. Anders Öhman SWE 1375
3. Magnus Andersson SWE 1372
4. Jesper Agerbo DEN 1368
5. Martin Larsen SWE 1367
6. Svein Roger Olsen NOR 1364
7. Mikael Kanold SWE 1361
8. Thomas Gross AUT 1354
9. Ulf Bolleby SWE 1350
10. Petri Mannonen FIN 1347
11. Tim Mack USA 1347
12. Glenn Morten Pedersen NOR 1344
13. Stuart Williams ENG 1344
14. Tomas Leandersson SWE 1333
15. Pasi Uotila FIN 1326

Late yestarday evening a trio of players made sure to make the cut. Jesper Agerbo from Denmark played a great game and finished 168 over. Stuart Williams, the winner of Aalborg International 2004, made the cut with 144 over and Toby Vandoren from Belgium finished 122 over. Peter Åhlèn and Mauro Malchiodi scored a total of 1291 which should be enough to make the cut.

Friday October 1st 2004
Magnus Andersson, Sweden, scored highest in the 13th squad with a total of 1372 placing him in 2nd place. Andersson was closely trailed by Martin Larsen (1367) and Petri Mannonen (1347). Both Larsen and Mannonen bettered there scores placing them on 3rd respectively 9th place. Swedish player Helen Johnsson finished with a total pinfall of 1314. This is not the first time Helen has given the male players a fight for the glory. Almost a year ago, in Kungsbacka, Helen took over the show when she in her re-entry scored a perfect game and won the qualifications. Earlier this year, in Aalborg, she once again stepped in and took over when she after her first entry won the qualifications with a score of 1507. The question is; What is she up to this time? More to come after the 14th squad...

Top 15 after 13 squads
1. Anders Öhman SWE 1375
2. Magnus Andersson SWE 1368
3. Martin Larsen SWE 1367
4. Svein Roger Olsen NOR 1364
5. Mikael Kanold SWE 1361
6. Thomas Gross AUT 1354
7. Ulf Bolleby SWE 1350
8. Tim Mack USA 1347
9. Petri Mannonen FIN 1347
10. Glenn Morten Pedersen NOR 1344
11. Tomas Leandersson SWE 1333
12. Pasi Uotila FIN 1326
13. Petter Hansen NOR 1320
14. Christer Danielsson SWE 1319
15. Mario Quintero MEX 1317

The 12th squad at 9 o'clock this morning featured no player with scores high enough to make the top 10. The squads highest scoring player, Amadeo Spada from Italy, placed himself in 14th place with a total pinfall of 1312. Last qualifying result after 12 squads are 1229. In the 13th squad Stuart Williams and Helen Johnsson has started off good the first two games. More to come soon...

Top 15 after 12 squads
1. Anders Öhman SWE 1375
2. Svein Roger Olsen NOR 1364
3. Mikael Kanold SWE 1361
4. Thomas Gross AUT 1354
5. Ulf Bolleby SWE 1350
6. Tim Mack USA 1347
7. Glenn Morten Pedersen NOR 1344
8. Tomas Leandersson SWE 1333
9. Petri Mannonen FIN 1332
10. Pasi Uotila FIN 1326
11. Petter Hansen NOR 1320
12. Christer Danielsson SWE 1319
13. Mario Quintero MEX 1317
14. Amadeo Spada ITA 1312
15. Robert Andersson SWE 1311

The 13th squad has just begun. Information about the 12th squad will follow soon. Check back for more updates...


Thursday September 30th 2004
Mikael Kanold from Sweden scored the highest in the 11th squad. A total of 1361 placed him in 3rd position. Tomas Leandersson and Christer Danielsson, also from Sweden, both scored a total over 1300. Leandersson 1333 and Danielsson 1319. Next squad will start tomorrow at 9.00 CET.

The 3rd Super Series tour stop, Norwegian Open 2005, has begun. After 10 squads Swedish player Anders Öhman is in the lead with a total pinfall of 1375. Svein Roger Olsen from Norway and Thomas Gross from Austria are trailing Öhman. More to come after the 11th squad...

Top 10 after 10 squads
1. Anders Öhman SWE 1375
2. Svein Roger Olsen NOR 1364
3. Thomas Gross AUT 1354
4. Ulf Bolleby SWE 1350
5. Tim Mack USA 1347
6. Glenn Morten Pedersen NOR 1344
7. Petri Mannonen FIN 1332
8. Pasi Uotila FIN 1326
9. Petter Hansen NOR 1320
10. Mario Quintero MEX 1317

For results from the qualification squads please visit the Norwegian Open webpage.

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