Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Olympia International 2004

Mathias Årup, Sweden
Winner of Olympia International 2004


Results - Match play/Semifinal/Final
Results - Top 48 finalists
Results - Qualification and Desperado
Pictures from Olympia International 2004

Sunday August 15th 2004
Tore Torgersen and Mathias Årup gave the spectators a great show. In the last few frames Årup had lady luck on his side and forced Torgersen to double in the 10th frame. But Torgersen only knocked down nine pins in the first shot and Årup victory was secured. Super Series congratulates Mathias Årup and the other finalist. Welcome back to the next stop on the Super Series tour, Norwegian Open 2004, which takes place in Moss September 29th through October 3rd.

From the left Magnus Johnson, Mathias Årup, Tore Torgersen, Mika Koivuniemi and Tim Mack

Tore Torgersen was the first player to make the final. He started the semi final with a double, then two spares and followed up with eight strikes, giving him a total pinfall of 268 against Mika Koivuniemi's 187. In the match between Mathias Årup and Tim Mack, Årup won 237 to 206. Årup had a small advantage over Mack the whole game and finished him off with a sequence of strikes in the end of the game. The battle for the trophy will stand between Tore Torgersen and Mathias Årup. More to come...

Mika Koivuniemi bought the qualifying champion Pasi Uotila a ticket home by defeating him in three straight games. 216-225-231 against Uotilas 214-187-163. In the semi final Koivuniemi will play Tore Torgersen who defeated Sean Rash 3-2 in a full five game match. In the battle between Mathias Årup and Peder Jacobsson Årup won 3-1 and in the semi final Årup will play against Tim Mack, who defeated Israelian Or Aviram 3-1. The semi finals and final is played over one game. More news will follow soon.

Mika Koivuniemi (left) and Tim Mack (right)

Stefan Augustsson finaly met his superior. Pasi Uotila was to strong for Augustsson who earlier in the match play been ruthless to his opponents. Uotila won 3-1 over Augustsson giving him a ticket to the quarter final while Augustsson ends up at 16th place. I suspect Augustsson is more than satisfied with his performace in this tournament. Tore Torgersen was the only one in this round to defeat his opponent in three straight games, all other games went on to four or five games. Björn Wedin, who yesterday scored 1446 in the last qualification squad, lost to PBA player Mika Koivuniemi, Sean Rash defeated YWC gold medalist Osku Palermaa, Peder Jacobsson defeated Kimmo Lehtonen, Tim Mack defeated Bill Hoffman, Or Aviram defeated Oskari Lehtonen and defending champion, Olympia International 2003, Martin Larsen lost to Mathias Årup. Right now 8 players are still in the tournament and just started to play the quarter final. Check back for updates.

Tore Torgersen

In the 5th round, Pasi Uotila shocked Stefan Augustsson by scoring a 296 in the first game. Poor Augustsson probably didn't know what hit him. Sean Rash also started of good when he won the first game against Osku Palermaa 278 to 218. More to come soon...

Stefan Augustsson (left) and Pasi Uotial (left)

Stefan Augustsson continues to defeat his opponents. In the 4th round, pro shop owner, Oskar Broström lost the two first games to Augustsson, won the third and nearly won the fourth game too. But while Broström made a small mistake in the 10th frame, Augustsson bowled a triple which earned him a ticket to the 5th round. There Augustsson will play against the qualification winner Pasi Uotila. In the match between Mika Koivuniemi and Anders Öhman, Koivuniemi easily won 3-0. Also Peter Hellström, who finished at 27th place in the qualification, won 3-0 against Danish player Jacob Hansen. This round two matches had to be settled over five games. In the match between Bill Hoffman and Mikael Kanold, who recently won 1 gold and 1 bronze medal in the YWC in Guam, Hoffman defeated Kanold after 226 to 176 in the fifth game. And Kimmo Lehtonen got away with the ticket to next round by defeating Jouni Kemppainen 230 to 223 in the last game. Other players on to the next round are Oskari Lehtonen who defeated Tomas Leandersson, Mathias Årup who defeated Petteri Salonen and Sean Rash who defeated Robert Spigner 3-1.

Olympia Internationals last desperado, Magnus Andersson, is out of the game. The tripple World Champion Anders Öhman was the better of the two and won 3-1. One who won't give up is Stefan Augustsson who in the 3rd round gave PBA player Arturo Quintero a pink slip. With 3-1 Augustsson is on to round 4 where he will meet Oskar Broström. Also Tomas Leandersson, Robert Spigner, Jouni Kemppainen, Petteri Salonen, Mikael Kanold and Peter Hellström, who defeated Aalborg International 2004 winner Stuart Williams 3-2, is on to the next round.

Arturo Quitero (left) and Stefan Augustsson (right)

Mads Sandækken who earlier today defeated Petri Mannonen got in to a full five gamer with Mats Olsson from Sweden. In the 4th game Olsson scored 234 but Sandbækken were stronger and finished with 258. But while Olsson shot yet another 234, Sandbækken only managed to score 158. In the match between Pergamon team mates Tomas Leandersson and Michael Ahlqvist, Leandersson was leading 2-1 when they both in the 4th round scored 217. Both players started the roll-off with a double and then Ahlqvist only knocked down 8 pins while Leandersson got yet another strike, buying him a ticket to round 3. Local player Stefan Augustsson is on a roll. In the first round Augustsson defeated Anja Ginge Jensen, in the second round he gave Frawley a match and at the moment he is in the lead 2-0 over Arturo Quintero. Other than that Peter Hellström, Petteri Salonen, Marcus Nyberg, Gerry Verbruggen and Magnus Andersson, the last of the desperados left in the tournament, went on to the next round.

Early this Sunday morning 16 players started the match play. Mads Sandbækken, a young Norwegian players, surprisingly defeated Finnish top players Petri Mannonen 3-1. Anja Ginge Jensen, was batteling the local Helsingborg player, Stefan Augustsson, for a full five gamer. Unfortunatly the only lady who made the cut lost the last game 165 to 157. Other players to make to the second round were Michael Ahlqvist, Magnus Andersson, Tony Fransson, Lluis Montfort, Jesper Agerbo and Alex De Vries. More news will follow soon...

Mads Sandbækken

Saturday August 14th 2004
Swedish players Tony Fransson and Magnus Andersson worked hard today tried to make top 44 in the last squad. Unfortunatly they both missed the cut, Fransson by 2 pins and Andersson by 9 pins. That defeat they made up for in the Desperado. Fransson shot 9 strikes in a row, scoring a total of 279 and Andersson scored 247. The two other players to make the finals were Mads Sandbækken (244) and Mattias Möller (242). The match play starts tomorrow at 8.00 CET.

Tony Fransson (left) and Magnus Andersson (right)

Björn Wedin from Sundsvall in Sweden really showed off in the last squad. He begun with a 279 game, scored yet another 279 in the second game and finished off with 888 over the last four games. With a total pinfall of 1446 Wedin took over third place from Osku Palermaa. Two other players made the top 44 in the last qualifying squad, Oskari Lehtonen (1391) and Peter Hellström (1351). Last person to qualify after 12 squads was Mattias Lindblom (1322). More news will follow after the Desperado squad.

Björn Wedin

This morning 18 players entered the 10th squad. Unfortunatly none of them scored higher than 1273. The 11th squad featured a trio of players who bettered their scores and made the cut. Petteri Salonen (1351), Andrew Frawley (1350) and Petri Mannonen (1343). Althoug Swedens Martin Larsen (1377) had the squads highest pinfall, but he already made the cut and are in 6th place with a total of 1406. Last qualifying pinfall after 11 squads is 1313. At 18.00 CET the last squad starts and right after that it's the Desperado squad. Check back for more information later...

Petteri Salonen

Top 15 after 11 squads
1. Pasi Uotila Finland 1469
2. Tore Torgersen Norway 1450
3. Osku Palermaa Finland 1436
4. Peder Jacobsson Sweden 1432
5. Tim Mack USA 1415
6. Martin Larsen Sweden 1406
7. Or Aviram Israel 1405
8. Oscar Broström Sweden 1403
9. Mathias Årup Sweden 1388
10. Jakob Hansen Denmark 1386
11. Bill Hoffman USA 1386
12. Kimmo Lehtonen Finland 1383
13. Sean Rash USA 1383
14. Mika Koivuniemi Finland 1380
15. Anders Öhman Sweden 1377

Friday August 13th 2004
Even though it was Friday the 13th today, some players still had a good day on the lanes. Two of them were the Americans Tim Mack and Bill Hoffman. In the last squad of the day they both scored high enough to make the cut. Mack bowled a total of 1415, placing him in fifth place, and Hoffman scored 1386. Other high results in the 9th squad: Sean Rash (1354), Kai Virtanen (1351), Marcus Nyberg (1349). Last qualifying pinfall after nine squads: 1310. Check back tomorrow for more news from the Olympia International.

Bill Hoffman and Tim Mack

Top 15 after 9 squads
1. Pasi Uotila Finland 1469
2. Tore Torgesen Norway 1450
3. Osku Palermaa Finland 1436
4. Peder Jacobsson Sweden 1432
5. Tim Mack USA 1415
6. Martin Larsén Sweden 1406
7. Or Aviram Israel 1405
8. Oscar Broström Sweden 1403
9. Mathias Årup Sweden 1388
10. Jakob Hansen Denmark 1386
11. Bill Hoffman USA 1386
12. Kimmo Lehtonen Finland 1383
13. Sean Rash USA 1383
14. Mika Kouviniemi Finland 1380
15. Anders Öhman Sweden 1377

Before the start of the 9th squad, Bowlers Journals international correspondent Keith Hale presented the World Bowling Writers Tom Kouros Outstanding International Coach Award to Fred Borden. The former Team USA coach didn't suspect anything but were very happy to have been appointed the award.

Fred Borden together with Keith Hale

In the 8th squad Kimmo Lehtonen from Finland scored 1383, securing him a place in the finals that starts on Sunday. Trailing Lehtonen was Mika Koivuniemi (1380) who improved yesterdays score by 25 points and Anders Öhman (1377). Local player Kalle Wahlgren, who started the squad with a 162 game, got his game sorted out and managed to score a total of 1339, with 277 in the last game. Right now a total pinfall of 1306 is needed to make the cut.

Top 15 after 8 squads
1. Pasi Uotila Finland 1469
2. Tore Torgesen Norway 1450
3. Osku Palermaa Finland 1436
4. Peder Jacobsson Sweden 1432
5. Martin Larsen Sweden 1406
6. Or Aviram Israel 1405
7. Oscar Broström Sweden 1403
8. Mathias Årup Sweden 1388
9. Jakob Hansen Denmark 1386
10. Kimmo Lehtonen Finland 1383
11. Sean Rash USA 1383
12. Mika Koiviniemi Finland 1380
13. Anders Öhman Sweden 1377
14. Arturo Quintero Mexico 1376
15. Lasse Lintilä Finland 1376

Pictures from Olympia International 2004

Peder Jacobsson finished highest in the 7th squad. A total of 1432 over six games, places him in the top five. Jacobsson played really well the first four games, had a small fall down in the 5th game but got back on track and finished with a 268. Second and third best in this squad was Mathias Årup (1388) and Jouni Kemppainen (1364). At the moment last qualifying result is 1294. Next squad starts at 14.00 CET.

Peder Jacobsson

According to some, Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck. But the bad luck doesn't seem to effect a couple of the players who got up early this morning to bowl. Swedes Jouni Kemppainen and Peder Jacobsson so far has a total pinfall of 737 and 736 over three games. More to come...

Thursday August 12th 2004
The 6th squad offered quite a few delicacys. First Mats Olsson, Pergamon, spared a 7-10 split and after that his fellow team mates, Tony Fransson and Niclas Linderholm, scored 290 and 289 in the second game. Although the best squad player was with out a doubt the birthday boy Or Aviram from Israel. Aviram played well and ended the six games with a 284, giving him a total pinfall of 1405. Behind Aviram followed a trio consisting of Mats Olsson (1353), Gerry Verbruggen (1349) and Tomas Leandersson (1348). More Super Series news will follow tomorrow.

Mats Olsson (left) and Or Aviram (right)

Linda Haglund started off best in the 5th squad of the Olympia International 2004. She had 97 over after two games but didn't manage to score high enough in the following four games. Englishman Stuart Williams took over the lead after Linda but had some problems the last two games and ended up with a total of 1355. Also Mika Koivunemi scored a total of 1355, but the suqads best score was shot by Osku Palermaa, 1436. Osku just came back from the under 23 YWC in Guam where he, together with his team mates, won gold in the team event.

After a long summer break the Super Series Tour are back. This time in beautiful Helsingborg, also known as the Swedish riviera. After four squads Finnish player Pasi Uotila is in the lead with a total pinfall of 1469. Uotila is trailed by Tore Torgersen (1450), Martin Larsen (1406) and Oskar Broström (1403). Right now 20 players are up on the lanes battling it out to make the cut. Among them Linda Haglund who won the Danish Masters last week. Check back for more updates later...

No TV broadcast from Helsingborg
Due to the Olympic Games in Athens the semifinal and final in Olympia International will not be broadcasted on Swedish television.

Unlimited number of re-entries
Before the start of the 2004/2005 Super Series Tour the Finnish and the Danish Bowling Federations allowed unlimited re-entries for the Super Series tour stops in Finland and Denmark. Recently the Norwegian and Swedish Bowling Federations decided to do the same. This means that all tour stops in the Super Series Tour allow players to re-enter as many times as they like.

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