Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Brunswick Aalborg International 2004

Pictures from Brunswick Aalborg International 2004

Results - Qualifying squads
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SUNDAY May 23rd 2004
Stuart Williams is the winner of the 2004 edition of Brunswick Aalborg International. He won the final defeating Lehtonen with 234 to Lehtonens 176. Williams there by won the first Super Series title this season. The Super Series thanks Løvvang Bowling Center for a great event and look forward to next years tour stop in Aalborg. If you are interested in seeing pictures from the weekend here in Aalborg, check out the Picutre site. More pictures will be uploaded next week. The next Super Series tour stop are Olympia International in Helsingborg, Sweden in the middle of August. Welcome back!

In the second semi final Lehtonen defeated Leandersson with the scores 263-223. That means England vs. Finland in the final that will begin soon.

The first semi final was very entertaining and after 10 frames, Karlsson and Williams had the same score, 256, and were forced to roll-off, which Williams won after two shots. Lehtonen and Leandersson just started plaing the second semifinal.

The TV broadcast are running a little late but we are just about to start the first semi final between Karlsson and Williams. Check out the score board for more information.

Tomas Leandersson, Kimmo Lehtonen and are the ones who are joining Stuart Williams in the TV finals. The semifinal will be played as follows; Tobias Karlsson vs. Stuart Williams and Tomas Leandersson vs. Kimmo Lehtonen.

Tobias Karlsson completed a Swedish hat trick when he in the third game of the quarter final agains Petter Hansen, Norway, bowled a perfect game. Linda Haglund scored her 300 game in the qualifications on friday and Martin Blixt did it earlier today.

Tobias Karlsson

Stuart Williams from England was the first player to make the TV finals. He has been playing well all day and defeated Sweden's Martin Larsen in three straight games.

Stuart Williams, Tobias Karlsson, Petter Hansen and Svein Roger Olsen had an easy way to the quater final. All four of them defeated their opponents 3-0. Sören Aahman and Martin Larsen on the other hand had to battle for their spots in the quarter final. Both players had to push the match to a full five games to win. For more results, check out the score board.

Martin Blixt from Sweden was the second player to score a perfect game this week. In the match against Pär Svensson, Blixt scored 300 in the fifth and final game, getting him to the next round. The young Swede, Zachrisson, finaly had to give in. Norwegian player Svein Roger Olsen was stronger and defeated Zachrisson 3-1. Also Anders "Linus" Öhman and Mikael Kanold from Sweden had to give in for their fellow country men Martin Larsen and Tobias Karlsson.

Martin Blixt and Super Series Tour Director Magnus Johnson

This morning Magnus Zachrisson has been in a great shape. With an avarage today of 225,75 he beat Ulf Bolleby 3-2 and are right now batteling Svein Roger Olsen. The current score are 2-1 for Olsen. English player Stuart Williams made it easy for himself by defeating American David Haynes 3-0. Also Kimmo Lehtonen won 3-0. More to come...

SATURDAY May 22nd 2004
Pär Svensson won over Mari Santonen, even though Santonen, by scoring a tripple in the 10th frame, pushed the fourth game to roll-off. Other players through to the next round are Christel Carlsson who defeated Robert Spigner 3 to 1, Anders "Linus" Öhman, Magnus Zachrisson, Peter Roos, Jouni Kemppainen, Sören Aahman and Tanya Petty who defeated Jesper Nielsen in a full five game match. More to come tomorrow.

In the first knock-out round Jesper Nielsen, Mari Santonen and Jouni Kemppainen all won 3 to nothing, while Christel Carlsson and Björn Wedin battled for a full five games, which Carlsson won. For more info, check out the score board which is regularly updated.

Magnus Zachrisson from Sweden came in first in the desperado squad, scoring 267. The other five desperados who made the finals were; Oliver Morig (GER), Mari Santonen (FIN), Peter Hellström (SWE), Tuula Kemppainen (FIN) and Jesper Nielsen (DEN). The first two knock-out rounds will be played today and the rest of the finals will be played tomorrow. More to come...

Magnus Zachrisson

The 13th and last squad featured several players with high scores. No less than 7 players made the finals in this squad. Petri Mannonen won the squad, scoring a total of 1449, fellow country man Jari Ratia scored 1415, Martin Larsen from Sweden reached 1410 and England's Stewart Williams made the finals with a score of 1401. Last player to qualify for the finals was Jouni Kemppainen, Sweden, who had a total pinfall of 1351. Just as in Kungsbacka in December 2003, Sweden's Helén Johnsson won the qualification, which earned her €1.000.

Kim Thorsgaard Jensen and Helén Johnsson

Tanya Petty was the strongest contender in the 12th squad. The german lady kept playing well all squad through and scored 1374. Sverre Lund (1368) and Nina Flack (1366) both made it through to the finals. Pär Svensson scored 1363 but didn't improve his earlier score, which currently are keeping him in 20th place. After 12 squads a total pinfall of 1340 is needed to make the finals.

The girls are back in town. Nina Flack from Sweden and Tanya Petty from Germany are trailing Sweden's Pär Svensson, and Sverre Lund, Norway, are following the leading trio. Svensson has 938 after four games, Flack 933, Petty 929 and Lund 925.

With 6 well played games, Norwegian national team player, Tore Torgersen won the 11th squad and are now in second place total. Also Swedish player Peder Jacobsson scored high and ended up with a total pinfall of 1481, earning him a third place total. Final qualifying score after 11 squads are 1334.

Tobias Karlsson, Tore Torgersen and Peder Jacobsson

Top 10 after 11 squads
1. Helén Johnsson (SWE) 1507
2. Tore Torgersen (NOR) 1491
3. Peder Jacobsson (SWE) 1481
4. Linda Haglund (SWE) 1453
5. Tomas Leandersson (SWE) 1436
6. Lars Nielsen (DEN) 1433
7. Henrik Klujeff (DEN) 1421
8. Svein Roger Olsen (NOR) 1419
9. Martin Blixt (SWE) 1410
10. Jussi Turtiainen (FIN) 1408

Sweden and Norway is controlling the 11th squad. Tobias Karlsson is in the lead with 149 over after 3 games and Tore Torgersen (144 over) and Peder Jacobsson (127 over) is right behind him. More to come...

Late last night 3 players scored high. Jussi Turtiainen, Finland, won the squad with a total of 1408, German Dick Dreyer scored 1392 and Mats Olsson, Sweden, 1389. Last qualifying result after 10 squads are 1326.

FRIDAY May 21st 2004
Svein Roger Olsen won the 9th squad, placing him in 6th place total, by scoring a total of 1419. Petter Hansen finished second just 12 pins behind Olsen and Swedish player Björn Wedin came in third with 1355. Last qualifying score after 9 squads are 1321. One squad remains today and it will finish about 1.30 am. Check back tomorrow for more updates.

Svein Roger Olsen

Top 10 after 9 squads
1. Helén Johnsson (SWE) 1507
2. Linda Haglund (SWE) 1453
3. Tomas Leandersson (SWE) 1436
4. Lars Nielsen (DEN) 1433
5. Henrik Klujeff (DEN) 1421
6. Svein Roger Olsen (NOR) 1419
7. Martin Blixt (SWE) 1410
8. Petter Hansen (NOR) 1407
9. David Haynes (USA) 1396
10. Reija Lundén (FIN) 1396

Norway is controlling the 9th squad. Petter Hansen is in the lead after four games with 134 over and Svein Roger Olsen has a pinfall total of 917. Trailing the Norwegian duo is the Swedish trio Patrick Backe, Björn Wedin and Magnus Zachrisson.

Helén Johnsson is the new leader in Aalborg. She played really well the last two games and scored a total of 1507, placing her in the leader position above Linda Haglund. Both Johnsson and Haglund are members of the Swedish National Team and together with the other girls won silver in the team event at the WC in Malaysia 2003. Tomas Leandersson scored a total of 1436, placing him in third place and Finnish player Reija Lundén scored 1396, giving her a spot in the finals. Among the top 48 players there are currently 10 women and a pinfall total of 1311 is needed to make the finals. More to come...

Helén Johnsson

The Swedish women have taken control over the show in Aalborg. In the 8th squad, swedish national team player, Helén Johnsson is in the lead after 4 games with a total of 987. Kimmo Lethonen from Finland and Swede Tomas Leandersson is closely trailing her, and are just a few pins behind.

The 6th squad featured a new leader. Linda Haglund kept on playing well and scored a total of 1453, placing her in the lead, 20 pins ahead of Lars Nielsen, Denmark. With todays 300, the 29 year old swede now have a total of 5 perfect games in her career. Linda was followed by Peter Roos, Robert Spigner, Bo Winther Pedersen and Poul Moor. Last qualifying score after the 7th squad is 1257. Next squad starts at 14.00 and features many of the top Finnish players like Pasi Uotila, Petri Mannonen and Osku Palermaa.

Linda Haglund

Top 10 after 7 squads
1. Linda Haglund (SWE) 1453
2. Lars Nielsen (DEN) 1433
3. Henrik Klujeff (DEN) 1421
4. Martin Blixt (SWE) 1410
5. David Haynes (USA) 1396
6. Tomas Leandersson (SWE) 1372
7. Pär Svensson (SWE) 1371
8. Peter Roos (SWE) 1369
9. Robert Spigner (USA) 1364
10. Anders Öhman (SWE) 1363

The leading lady Linda Haglund just assured a spot in the finals by scoring a perfect game in the fourth game. With 241 over she is 102 pins ahead of Swedish player Peter Roos who is currently traling her. Check back for more updates...

After 3 games in todays first squad, Linda Haglund, Sweden, is in the lead with 133 over. Trailing her is American Robert Spigner with 95 over. More to come...

THURSDAY May 20th 2004
In the last squad on thursday, Swedish player Tomas Leandersson scored highest, 1372, which placed him at fifth place. RD Miller started off really good and was 99 over after the first three games, but only scored a total of 1292. Last qualifying score after 6 squads is 1237. Check back tomorrow for more updates.

After 5 squads Danish player Lars Nielsen is still in the lead followed by fellow country man Henrik Klujeff (1421). Martin Blixt, Sweden played really well and scored 1410, which places him in third place. 3 players has finished over 1400 this far and last qualifying score is at the moment 1220. That will change thoug since last qualifyer is expected to be about 1320-1330. The 6th squad features PBA players RD Miller and Arturo Quintero among others. More to come...

Top 10 after 5 squads
1. Lars Nielsen (DEN) 1433
2. Henrik Klujeff (DEN) 1421
3. Martin Blixt (SWE) 1410
4. David Haynes (USA) 1396
5. Pär Svensson (SWE) 1371
6. Anders Öhman (SWE) 1363
7. Mikael Brändeskov, (DEN) 1363
8. Sören Aahman (DEN) 1360
9. Robert Andersson (SWE) 1359
10. Kent Johansson (SWE) 1357

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