Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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SUNDAY April 11:th 2004
Martin Wozny, 24 years, from Denmark won the SuperSeries Tour Championships in Jönköping, Sweden. The final between him and Swedens Martin Larsen was settled in the 10:th frame when Larsen was forced to double in order to win. But after a lucky strike, Larsen only knocked down 7 pins and Wozny won by 4 points. That concludes the SuperSeries Tour 2003/2004. The 2004/2005 Tour starts off with Aalborg International in Denmark 17-23 May. Welcome back!

World champion (teams 2003) Martin Larsen defeated Petri Mannonen in a tight game. The swede had to double in the 10:th frame in order to have a chans to win and he trippled and there by won 203-190.

Danish player Martin Wozny defeated Pasi Uotila, winner of Ballmaster Open 2003, 180-153.

The final round is played and left for the TV-finals is Nordic players only. Pasi Uotila defeated Tim Mack 3-1, Martin Larsen also won 3-1, Petri Mannonen defeated Chris Barnes 3-0 and Martin Wozny defeated the only women left in the finals, Kamilla Kjeldsen, 3-0. In the first game Wozny and Kjeldsen both scored 265 but Wozny won the roll-off. About 5 pm (17.00) the semi finals start and Swedish and Norwegian television, SVT24 and NRK2, are broadcasting live.

Round 3 featured four matches over five games. In a dramatic fifth game Martin Wozny defeated Robert Spigner 3-2 and Petri Manonnen, Mika Luoto, Pasi Uotila and Martin Larsen also won 3-2. Chris Barnes defeated Richard Miller 3-1. Barnes are the only PBA player left in the finals. A PBA player we haven't seen much of is Mika Kouvuniemi. He only played two qualifying squads since he's been suffering from food poisoning all week.

Kamilla Kjeldsen showed no mercy at all when she defeated Jesper Agerbo. Although Agerbo played well Kamilla was stronger. With the score 773-665 she won 3-0. Tim Mack also won 3-0 in the match against young swedish player Joakim Biehl. Mack played well and scored a pinfall of 700.

Petri Mannonen, Chris Barnes, Jussi Turtiainen, Martin Larsen and Robert Spigner easily made it to the third round. They all won 3-0 while Ted Pritts and Tim Mack was battleing it out for five games. Mack scored 279 in the fifth game and won 3-2. Danish player Kamilla Kjeldsen played really well and won 3-1 over the only other female player left, Susanne Olsson, Sweden. More to come...

SATURDAY April 10:th 2004
It was a real battle between Osku Palermaa and Mika Luoto. In the fourth game they both scored 202 and it had to be settled in roll-off which Luoto won. In the fifth and final game Luoto won by 1 pin. Sami Konsteri, Jesper Agerbo and Richard Miller won their matches 3-0. Tomorrow morning the second and last start of the second round will be played.

In the third and last start of the first round, swede Niklas Linderholm scored a 300 in the match against Jesper Agebro. That is the fifth perfect game in this tour championship. The fourth game between Linderholm and Agebro had to be settled with roll-off and Agebro won and also the match 3-1. Kamilla Kjeldsen defeated swede Mikael Roos with 3-1, Sean Rash defeated "Linus" Öhman with the same score as did Robert Spigner his opponent Pär Gustavsson. In the battle between Fagan and Pritts, Pritts won 3-2. Fagan had to spare his 2-8-10 split in order to beat Pritts. Second round just started. More to come...

Mathias Lundin from Kungsbacka Sweden defeated Derek Sapp in 3 straight games. The first game was settled with roll-off. Annette Johansson from Sweden unexpectedly defeated Team USA player Bill Hoffman and Tomas Leandersson had to cave in for local player Kent Johansson. Yet another local Jönköping player, Johan Söderström, made the second round when he defeated Kim Brøndsted 3-2. Mattias Årup easily made it to the next round after Verbruggen left WO.

In round 1, 1:st start, Swedish national team player, Robert Andersson defeated Peder Jacobsson in three straight games. Andersson scored a total of 753. Mika Luoto defeated Göran Carlsson 3-2 by making a double in the last frame. Also Osku Palermaa and Thomas Gross played a full "5-gamer" and Palermaa won 3-2.

The last squad featured two ladys in top 4. Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark, finished at 1408 and Rebecka Larsen, swedish player Martin Larsen's younger sister, made the finals by scoring 1326. Sean Rash improved his score and finished 30:th. Swedens Pär Svensson was the last player to qualify with a total of 1325. The first round of the match play has just started. The match play scores are updated after each game. Please check back later for updates.

In the 12:th and last qualifying squad there are three ladys in the lead after 5 games. Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark 1151, Rebecka Larsen, Sweden 1126 and Elisabeth Janson, Sweden 1121. The lady trio are trailed by a male duo, Dennis Eklund, Sweden and Sean Rash, USA, both with a total of 1111.

Husqvarna International has a new leader. Jussi Turtiainen from Finland scored a total of 1429 in the 11:th squad late on friday night. The american Robert Spigner also played well, scored 1382. Right now the 12:th and last squad are being played. Last qualification is 1321. More to come...

FRIDAY April 9:th 2004
During the 10:th squad, Joonas Huolman from Finland scored a perfect game. This was the fourth 300 game this week. The 10:th squad ended up with tripple american in the top. Michael Fagan 1408, Richard Miller 1401 and Derek Sapp 1395. Italian player Amedeo Spada scored 1379 in his first entry. Last qualification is currently 1321. And as Friday turns into Saturday, 19 players are finishing of the 11:th squad.

Just as the last squad, the 10:th squad has high scores. Amadeo Spada from Italy is in the lead with 967 after four games and scored a 298 in the third game. Right behind him is the PBA players Michael Fagan and Richard Miller both with 957 points.

Top players after 4 games (9:th squad)
1. Pär Gustavsson, Sweden, 971
2. Eva Jönsson, Sweden, 919
3. Michael Ankerdal, Denmark, 909
4. Tomas Leandersson, Sweden, 902
5. Christel Carlsson, Sweden, 881

Swedish Pergamon player Pär Gustavsson started out really good. First game he scored 264 and followed up with a perfect game. Keep track of the scores live. More to come...

Second squad of the day just started. This squad is full and features players like Lasse Lintilä, Linda Haglund, Tomas Leandersson and two female World Championship winners; Lena Sulkanen from Sweden who won in 1983 and the american Diandra Asbaty in 2003.

In the 9:th squad on friday morning, 30 players got up in the break of dawn to play. The swedish national team player Susanne Olsson played really well and finished at 1425. Just one point after Tim Mack who's in the lead. Last spot in the finals after 9 squads is 1310.

THURSDAY April 8:th 2004
The qualification for the SuperSeries Tour Championship finals in Jönkoping started on monday and after 7 squads, Tim Mack from USA is in the lead with a total pinfall of 1426. Right behind him is the PBA players Chris Barnes and Richard Miller. Ted Pritts, currently at 10:th place, scored 300 on wednesday evening, right after Miller had bowled 296 on the same lanes. Pritts followed up his perfect game with yet another one on thursday.

Top 10 after 7 squads
1. Tim Mack, USA, 1426
2. Chris Barnes, USA, 1421
3. Richard Miller, USA, 1420
4. Christer Danielsson, Sweden, 1411
5. Peter Nordenson, Sweden, 1406
6. Michael Fagan, USA, 1390
7. Johan Söderström, Sweden, 1374
8. Mathias Lundin, Sweden 1370
9. Magnus Zachrisson, Sweden, 1368
10. Ted Pritts, USA, 1368

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