Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Class was proved in Olympia.

When it comes to “prove your own class” it takes a good bowler to actually do it. The Friday in Helsingborg were a day when the some of the c champions felt to do just that. Prove!

One of the most famous names in Helsingborg is, for sure, Bill Hoffman. Whenever USA had done any BIG things in the amateur bowling the last five years, Mr. Hoffman has been a part of it. It’s amazing to see a person with a lot of interest outside the playing area still is a competitive player himself.

Bill Hoffman proved that he still know how to play the game. 1402 is a result way over the cut for the final. Just after the squad Bill gave his explanation why he still is a competittive bowler and why he still wants to challenge on the lanes.

- I like to be a good bowler and I like to risk my reputation by competing. Now my aim is on Korea and I wish I could keep my quality from today into the World Championship, says Bill afterwards.
- With one except. I had a shot in the fifth game I want to forget but Patrick Bake keeps remaining me all the time.

Bill began with a 6-bagger over the fifth arrow but in the seventh attempt he combine a “Foul” with a “Gutter”!
Although. Positive natures as Bill, always find some lights in the tunnel.
- It could have been worse. It could have been in the LEFT gutter.

Bill declaimed that he will do everything he could to reach a new title in Korea because he (if anyone) knows what a big title in Bowling is worth.

To be a Champ is something special. A fact that Mads Sandbekken of Norway slowly gets to understand what it means. He has had some tough days, in the focus of the spot lights, after winning the Master title in World Youth Championship in Berlin some weeks ago. But he had handled the fame with care. He won the National Tournament STIKKET last week and did a descent performance in Evje Open. And on Friday he was the winner of the afternoon squad.

- A lot of time in the work-out centre has strength me up a lot. I have also lost some weight so I feel that I have full control over my improvement in Bowling, and I think (and hope) my 1353 will do for the final.

Petteri Salonen of Finland has been a Champ since the European Championship in Moscow 2005 when he won four Gold medals including the heavy individual title All Event. In the early squad on Friday he scored 1447 for the Top 8.

In the Top 8 we will also find Stuart Williams who was very close to reach Tore Torgersen at the top. 1513 is the third best qualification score ever in Helsingborg. It could have been two 1500’s in the last squad on Friday. The local player and the owner of the pro-shop in Olympia Pär Gustavsson started with fireworks of strike. He began with 277 and was close to a perfect one in the second game, 299. After that opening he played more normal but managed to pass Robert Andersson with four pins to the third position in the overall standings.

- I saw what Tore did and tried to do the same. I drilled the same kind of ball as him and really made the trick. To score in Olympia is to find the right solution on every pair of lanes. When you do it, it will be high games.

Pär was a player in the Team Sweden in the late 90’s and won the double in the Nordic Championship 1999. Today he spends more time in the pro shop and with his family and on the lanes for practice and competition.

- My club Göta is a lot stronger than before so this season I think we can do something big. And that affect my bowling too, in a positive way. It is really fun to play bowling again, he says. And to be in the final here in Helsingborg is very exciting.

Before the last four squads the cut for Top 8 is 1424 and the cut for the final is 1316.

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