Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Kanold in the lead in Aalborg

In the 10th squad in Brunswick Aalborg International the young Swedish bowler Mikael Kanold was the first to break the wall of 1400 pins. He is now in the lead in the qualification when there are three squads more to be played.

With 1427 he pushed the earlier leader Helen Johnsson, winner of the qualification in this tournament in 2004, down to the second position with the score 1389. The Aussie bowler Jason Bowlers is participating on the European Tour for the fourth time this season. In all of the earlier tournaments he had ended up in Top-4 with the victory in Greece as a peak.

The level is rather low this year and the bowling experts in Lovvang Bowling Center try to find out where the cut should be. The most frequent guess is 1295.

In the squad at 1600 all the Team Sweden (Women, Men and U-23) will be on the lanes. The tournament is the big chance for the players to get their tickets to the three big championships later this year.

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