Super Series is a new European Bowling tour that started 2003, with it´s first competition in Aalborg, Denmark. The new tournament has 6 tour stops and a grande finale in Jönköping, Sweden, during easter 2004. The prize money will be the highest ever in Sweden. Swedish Television, SVT, NRK, Norwegian Television and Viasat Denmark is broadcasting the finals from each tour stops live. The Grande Finale in Jönköping will be broadcasted live on Swedish National channel and can be wied all over the country. Today the tour stops are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but in a very short time, probably the season 2004/2005, the tour will expand to the rest of the European bowling countries. Those countries will probably be Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy.
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Who is Alex Cavagnaro?

The American Alex Cavagnaro is ready for start in Husqvarna International at Thursday 13th and Friday 14th of April. He is a recognized amateur bowler i USA. But it’s not everyone that knows that Cavagnari also is a historical bowler. He is the youngest player ever that scored the perfect game. He was only 11 when he turned the good performance. Cavagnaro is now 23 years old and has one more historical achievment. When he was 17 ha played a spectacular game where both he and his competitor, Neil Foresto, manged to score the perfect game.
Neil and Alex is close friends to Michael Fagan since the age of 13, and the U.S. trio will arrive to Jonkoping during the Eastern to compete in SuperSeries and Husqvarna International.
I get in touch with Alex short time ago and did an interview with him:

Alex. You are famous because of the perfect game at age of 11, 17th of November 1995. But that wasn´t the only one that month?
No I played another one just 10 days later. I think I have a total of 25 perfect games right now.
When and why did you enter the approaches?
It was my mother who introduced me to a bumper league when I was quit young. And I get stucked…
How has the early 300-game affect your carrer?
It has always been my “claim to fame” so to speak. It used to give me confidence and a little bit of an ego when I was younger, (haha…)
Do you have some memories from that specific day?
I honestly don't remember. All I remember is that it went so fast, and I was basically in shock that I did it. But I still have the 14 lbs of Columbia Cuda/C Pear in my room.
It is very nice to see both you and Neil Foresto in Sweden during the Eastern. But You didn’t like him a day in 2001 when he beat you up with 579 against 547 during a local King of the Hill Scholarship League?
No! I thought, damn 247 and 300 should be enough. To be wiped out on that result was just incredible. But we are still friends and travel to Sweden together with Michael Fagan for the tournament in Jonkoping.
You have done some shows on the PBA-tour. In 2001 ended up in pos #47 in Long Island open.
Yes. And I remember me being watched by everyone, and I loved it.
Have you done any appearances on the PBA-tour this year?
I just got back from the PBA World Championships in Indianapolis. I did not bowl that well though, I got sick the day before my flight and it was a terrible week for me. I finished about half way through the field.
Any other results this season?
I ended up in the Top-10 in the Varipapa tournament this weekend. I bowled pretty well in Vegas this past February at the Mini Elminator and the Boot Hill tournaments. I was bowling next to Lasse Lintilla at the Boot Hill tournament, that was the first time I met him.
Will you show up in the Tour Trials for the next PBA session?
YES ! I have an ultimate goal to get an exemption for the PBA tour.
What do you know about Europe and Sweden and tournaments over here?
Not much except the info I just got from Michael Fagan, Robby Spigner and Tim Mack. We will arrive a week early to do some sight seeing in London and Prague and possibly some other cities in other countries.

Alex Cavagnaro in fact’s”
Birthday: June 20 1984
Home: long island, New York
Education: High school
Occupation: Bowler, poker player, work at family Bowling Centre
Family: ”No siblings"
Favourite bowling ball: Inferno
Favourite player: Pete Weber
Hobbies: Poker , internet, bowling action

//BeA Nilsson

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